JURNAL APLIKASI PELAYARAN DAN KEPELABUHANAN 2023-10-05T00:42:33+00:00 Ekka Pujo Ariesanto Akhmad Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Jurnal Aplikasi Pelayaran dan Kepelabuhanan</strong> is published by the Program Diploma Pelayaran, Universitas Hang Tuah with <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">E-ISSN: 2654-4911</a>; <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">P-ISSN: 2087-2607.</a> Its disciplinary focus is shipping and port management. <strong>Jurnal Aplikasi Pelayaran dan Kepelabuhanan</strong> is published in Indonesia for March and September. Contributors of <strong>Jurnal Aplikasi Pelayaran dan Kepelabuhanan</strong><strong> </strong>included: researchers, practitioners, lecturers, and students drawn from Indonesia.</p> The Effect of Cargo Shift on Ship Stability in MV. Kutai Raya Dua : A Case Study 2023-08-28T04:09:33+00:00 Ari Sriantini Ary Dhevi Dwi Ebdasari <p>Handling and regulating cargo on board is very important to do so that the ship has good stability, as a support in shipping safety. This research is qualitative research using the case study method. This study aims to determine the effect of cargo shifts on ship stability and how to overcome it so that the ship still has good stability and can sail safely and safely. The subject of this study was Chief Officer in MV. Kutai Raya Dua. The data collection technique uses documentation, observation, and interviews. From the calculation of stability after loading activities, it is known that the ship experienced a slope of 2.47° to the right and the GM of the ship by 1.16 meters. To overcome this slope, Chief Officer ordered the crew to move the cargo from the right center line to the left center line with a distance of 2 m, as much as 189,447 tons. With the transfer of cargo from right to left center line, the ship is upright again. So, the occurrence of a shift in cargo on board will cause a tilt on the ship. If the slope is not immediately resolved, it will endanger the cargo, ship, and crew.</p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ari Sriantini, Ary Dhevi Dwi Ebdasari Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topic Modeling for Stock Information 2023-10-02T07:05:52+00:00 Ekka Pujo Ariesanto Akhmad Carlos Lazaro Prawirosastro Budi Priyono <p><em>Investors obtain data or share information through the Indonesia Stock Exchange web page. From online information portals, investors occasionally obtain more knowledge about stock analysis and profitable stock projections. However, it takes time for investors to identify subjects that frequently come up and become popular stock information themes. The core of online stock information therefore requires subject modeling. Topic modeling, which seeks to look at the issues being discussed on a page of an internet stock information website, is the focus of this study. Research information is combined with 181 stock information February to July 2021, web source: Utilizing the Latent Dirichlet Allocation approach, topic modeling was tested. The topic modeling created 3 important groups and the distribution of the 10 creator words of each topic from online stock information. The topic modeling description creates a thirty-word note that occurs frequently from each topic.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ekka Pujo Ariesanto Akhmad, Carlos Lazaro Prawirosastro, Budi Priyono The Effect of Service Quality on Service User Satisfaction PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) at Kamal Port – Madura 2023-10-03T00:32:48+00:00 Andana Haris Kristanto Sapit Hidayat <p><em>This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of service quality on the level of satisfaction by service users at PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Kamal Port. Is a quantitative research model simple regression analysis, a sample of 54 respondents, using the formula for the number of unknown population. The data collection instrument used a questionnaire (questionnaire). Data analysis used validity test, reliability test, simple linear regression test, hypothesis test, partial test (t test), processed with SPSS. The results of the validity and reliability tests with rtable 0.279 obtained 20 statement items that were declared valid from service quality and 20 items from statements that were declared valid from customer satisfaction and all items statement reliability. The R test result is 0.004, meaning that service quality affects customer satisfaction by 40%, while 60% is influenced by other variables. Based on the results of the t test, it can be interpreted that the effect of service quality on service satisfaction at PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Kamal Port users with a tcount value of 1.111 ≤ t<sub>table</sub> 2.00785.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Andana Haris Kristanto, Sapit Hidayat Implementation of the Port Guard Service to Minimize Negligence in the Loading and Unloading Process of PT Seram Jaya Lines 2023-10-03T04:51:31+00:00 Renoza Dewa Brata Dodi Syarifuddin Djamaludin Malik Elva Febriana Anggraeny <p><strong><em>:</em></strong><em> Research with the title "Implementation of the Port Guard Service to Minimize Negligence in the Loading and Unloading Process of PT Seram Jaya Lines", The purpose of this study is to increase knowledge of the implementation of guard services in carrying out port guarding duties. This research uses observation and interview methods. The sources of data used are primary and secondary data and data from prala, namely KM Artha Mulia 01 ship with descriptive analysis method. The theoretical basis used is the theory of organizational and organizing theory, and the International Dictionary of Shipping Business Busines Terms and Abbrevations.It was concluded that the implementation of guard services at KM Artha Mulia 01 for the duty officers was a lack of awareness of the responsibilities in carrying out duties at the port and an understanding of the rules of care in accordance with STCW 78' when the ship docked at the port. This can cause cargo errors (Over Stowage), so that it can harm the ship and the shipping company.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Renoza Dewa Brata, Dodi Syarifuddin, Djamaludin Malik, Elva Febriana Anggraeny Ship Garbage Management as an Effort to Prevent Sea Pollution in KM. Sabuk Nusantara 115 2023-10-04T00:49:42+00:00 Roni Ashiddiqi Ogik Laotuju Mudiyanto Mudiyanto Kuncowati Kuncowati <p><em>: This research is motivated by pollution at sea caused by garbage from ships, discussing two main topics, namely: Garbage management in KM. Sabuk Nusantara 115 and efforts to prevent ship garbage pollution in KM. Sabuk Nusantara 115. This study aims to help readers to find out about garbage management in accordance with Marpol 73/78 and how to prevent garbage pollution on ships. Presentation of the data used is the report of the Garbage Management Plan, Garbage Record Book and the results of observations of garbage disposal conducted by ABK. Garbage management on ships must be in accordance with Marpol 73/78 so that sea pollution does not occur which can harm many parties directly or indirectly. And all crew members must understand and make various efforts to prevent marine pollution from garbage from ships.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Roni Ashiddiqi, Ogik Laotuju, Mudiyanto Mudiyanto, Kuncowati Kuncowati Effectiveness of Fire Detection Equipment at MV. Meratus Waingapu 2023-10-04T03:29:24+00:00 Tri Budianto Rozzaq Alkharim Ari Sriantini Nyoman Ardiana Listriyawati <p><em>The role of fire detection tools is very helpful in preventing fire hazards at MV. Meratus Waingapu, on this basis the author formulates the problem of the extent of the ship crew's knowledge of fire detection tools and how to maintain fire detection equipment at MV. Meratus Waingapu. In writing this research, the writer describes the theories used in making research reports and as a basis for solving problems that exist in the research process, especially those related to the role of fire detection tools, as well as the theory of fire detection equipment maintenance. Based on the results of research and discussion of problems carried out by the author during the sailing practice at MV. Meratus Waingapu regarding the effectiveness of fire detection tools, it was found that there were problems in the role of fire detection tools which included a lack of knowledge of the ship's crew about fire detection tools due to lack of implementation of new crew familiarization and lack of implementation of safety meetings on board besides that there is also a lack of maintenance of fire detection equipment</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Tri Budianto, Rozzaq Alkharim, Ari Sriantini, Nyoman Ardiana Listriyawati The Influence of Organizational Culture and Work Environment on Employee Performance PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans in Tanah Bumbu 2023-10-04T06:38:26+00:00 Fredy Jayen Abdul Kadir Melania Melania Rifqi Amrulloh Ulivia Erwinda <p><em>The aim of this research is to test and analyze the influence partially and simultaneously Organizational Culture and Work Environment on the performance of employees PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans, Tanah Bumbu Regency. This type of explanatory research is intended to explain the relationship, difference or influence of Organizational Culture and Work Environment variables on performance variables. The population in the study were employees at the office PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans Tanah Bumbu Regency has 52 employees. The sampling technique in this study is a saturated sample, which means using the entire population in the sample as many as 52 employees. The research results explain, 1). Organizational Culture and Work Environment simultaneously influence employee performance at PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans, Tanah Bumbu Regency. 2). Organizational Culture and Work Environment partially influence employee performance at PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans, Tanah Bumbu Regency. 3). Work Environment is the dominant variable that influences employee performance at PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans, Tanah Bumbu Regency.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Fredy Jayen, Abdul Kadir, Melania Melania, Rifqi Amrulloh, Ulivia Erwinda Analysis of the influence of Competency, Independence, and Motivation on Audit Quality of the Tapin Regency Inspectorate 2023-10-04T07:54:33+00:00 Melania Melania Abdul Kadir Rifqi Amrulloh Fredy Jayen Riza Puspa Dewi <p><em>Productive employees will have an impact on performance effectiveness which will be an added value for the Inspectorate. The importance of competence, independence, and high motivation that must be possessed by auditors has an impact on increasing the effectiveness of the performance of the Tapin Regency Inspectorate's employees. This study aims to analyze and determine the partial influence of independence and motivational competence on the audit quality of the Tapin District Inspectorate, the simultaneous influence of independence competence and motivation on the audit quality of the Tapin District Inspectorate and the most dominant influence of competence, independence, and motivation on the audit quality of the Inspectorate. Tapin District. This research is correlation research with quantitative approach with total sampling technique. The subjects in this study were all 40 employees of the Tapin Regency Inspectorate. Data collection techniques using questionnaires, observation, and documentation. The types of data analysis used in this research are Instrument Test, Classical Assumption Test, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, and Hypothetical Test with the help of the Statistical Package for The Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.0 computer program. The results showed that there was a partially significant effect of Competence, Independence, and Motivation on the audit quality of the Tapin Regency Inspectorate, a simultaneous significant influence of Competence, Independence, and Motivation on the audit quality of the Tapin Regency Inspectorate and a dominantly significant influence of Independence on the audit quality of the Regency Inspectorate Tapin.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Melania Melania, Abdul Kadir, Rifqi Amrulloh, Fredy Jayen, Riza Puspa Dewi Analysis of Procedure for Implementing Annual Servicing of Safety Equipment and Fire Extinguishing Equipment on Board Ships According to SOLAS Standards at PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines 2023-10-05T00:13:23+00:00 Angie Kusuma Hati Beni Agus Setiono Didik Purwiyanto <p><em>The role of shipping safety in the maritime transportation system is an absolute thing to be taken into account, because it involves the transportation of goods and people across the ocean which is full of danger and the threat of storms, fog and movements of the sea, shallowing and fixed and changing shipping sea routes, making sea transportation in high-risk shipping. Therefore, shipping safety must be truly guaranteed. This research aims to find out the procedures for implementing annual servicing of safety equipment, to find out the effects that occur on safety equipment and fire extinguishers on ships that comply with SOLAS standards. The research method used in writing this research uses the direct observation research method of an object carried out at PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines. The data used is primary data obtained directly from sources and data collected by researchers from employees of PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines and recorded. Primary data can be obtained by conducting interviews, secondary data can be obtained from documents about safety equipment and direct observation at the research site at PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines. The results of the research can be concluded that it is important to maintain safety on board the ship to anticipate danger or accidents so it is necessary to prepare safety items along with valid certificates so that they can be used. Therefore, the safety equipment on board the ship has a big influence on the smooth operation of the ship.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Angie Kusuma Hati, Beni Agus Setiono, Didik Purwiyanto Analysis of Factors Affecting Shipping Safety – Study at KSOP Tanjung Emas Semarang 2023-10-05T00:42:33+00:00 Mursidi Mursidi Moh. Rifqi Bagus Wahyudi Fikri Aldiansyah <p><em>Shipping Safety is very important. Ignorance of shipping safety tends to result in material, medical, water pollution and lost lives. But seeing cases of ship accidents increasing from year to year and many victim, shipping safety need more extra attention. The purpose of this research to analyze the influence of independent variables on the dependen variable. Population of employees operating office the port authority Tanjung Emas Semarang and the captain, take sample of 100 respondent. The technique of sampling use non-probability sampling and the type is simple quota sampling. Data collection using questionnaires, technique of data analysis use validity test, reliability test, classic assumption test, multiple linier regression and hypothesis test.From result of analyze there is a connection between independent variables with dependent variable, hypothesis test using t test show that three independent variables that is Crew Resources (X1), Telecommunication Equipment (X2), Scouting (X3) proven individually that have effect positive and significant to dependent variable is Shipping Safety (Y). With variable Telecommunication Equipment (X2), having the highest influence than other variables in influencing Shipping Safety (Y). Hypothesis test using F test that the three independent have positive and significant effect to the dependent Variable Shipping Safety. On the determination coefficient test (R Square) adjust R square value of 0.619 that mean is 61,9% variation of the dependent variable Shipping Safety can be explained by independent variable Crew Resources, Telecommunication Equipment, and Scouting . While the remeaning 38,1% is explained by the causes other than the variables studied.</em></p> 2023-09-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Mursidi Mursidi